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Peckish Web Design Studio is the creation of Nick Sellek, who, after studying fine art, made the transition to graphics, with a strong focus on website design. The studio came about by Nick's desire to develop his business, to cater for both commercial companies who require a creative edge, and creative individuals, businesses or brands, who want their concept translated into a functioning and robust website.

Peckish can offer something for everyone and packages can be put together to reflect all budgets and requirements, taking time to understand your brand, your customers and your requests.

Peckish Studio is constantly researching, developing and embracing the ever changing world of websites and design. Working with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and mySQL Databases, with many years experience with photoshop and passion for really good graphic design.

We also like to stay in touch with our clients, and will always be on hand to assist or develop further down the line.


The Peckish Studio is full of unique and exciting ideas, the websites we make offer that little bit extra bite when it comes to design.

We take time to understand your brand, business and customers, translating your requirements into a unique, visually enticing, yet functional website. Balancing style with substance!


It's important for your website to appear and function at it's best on smartphones and tablets, as well as your desktop and laptop computer screens.

The designs and layouts will shift and adjust to device widths, with careful thought given to how the information is displayed and how the website is navigated on all screen sizes.


There's no point in creating a brilliant website if no one can find it! We will apply all of our search engine optimisation knowledge to every website we create, to make sure your website ranks highly on google, yahoo, bing etc so it can be easily discovered.


All websites we make come with a content management system so you can easily keep everything up to date yourselves. No programming knowledge required!


We will also plug your website into all your social media networks, with widgets, like buttons, follow buttons, comment boxes, mailing lists and all the rest.

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Peckish can offer something for everyone and packages can be put together to reflect all budgets and requirements so please feel free to contact Peckish Web Design Studio using the email below for a quote, or consultation or just to say hello!

We look forward to hearing from you!


Tel: 07989 788 392

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